1. Download the zip-archive: LINK

2. unpack it in the directory of your choise

3. start mirc.exe , the following window will pop up:

4. click on the “here”-link and enter the following registration details:

5. accept and continue

The quakenet-FAQ will automatically open, if youre completely new to irc it might be handy to check them but not necessary.

6. open the options with ALT+O

  • in the connect tab set your nickname, alternative nickname, realname and email (just set your nickname for all 4)
  • make sure nickname and alternative are different (single sign is enough i.e. nickname and nickname`
  • in the tab Identd change your User ID to your nickname

7. most important settings should be done by now, connect and hf


i added common csgo channel as favorits which will open up on start
you can remove them and add other channels easily in the menu opened by ALT+J




/edit: moar channels (not added to the client yet):

  • #esl.go4csgo
  • #5on5
  • #2on2
  • #pracc
  • #counter-strike
  • #go
  • #go.gathers

since the channel limit is on 20 you might want to replace some less used channels by deleting them from the favorits, like the 2 “skilled” channels

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